20 Reasons Why Solar Energy is the Future

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Solar power usage continues to grow at an accelerated pace. From 2000 to 2018, expansion grew by 100%. It used to be for commercial establishments only, but now more and more homes and RVs are installing solar panels. But what is the reason behind this? Among all alternative energy sources, why is this the most popular?

There are many reasons why solar power is popular such as efficiency, reduced cost, availability and eco-friendly. Solar power systems are versatile, non polluting and dependable. But if you’re still not convinced, here are the top 20 reasons why solar is the future.

1. Solar is Free Energy

The biggest problem with our energy situation is it’s expensive and finite. We are dependent on various companies for power, and there is little that can be done about monopoly. Not to mention the fact that fossil fuels are a finite source and will run out sooner than later.

Solar energy comes from the sun. No one can claim monopoly over it. Anyone who buys a solar power system can use the energy freely. There is no need to worry about the sun’s energy running out anytime soon.

All you have to pay for is the cost of the solar power station. Once your solar power system is set up, you can draw power from the sun without paying any fee.

Solar power means free energy for everyone. The sun’s energy isn’t just for electricity either, as it can be used for heating. With a solar thermal mechanism, the solar energy can be turned into heating for varied purposes. When you look at solar energy in the long term, the benefits of free energy become even more obvious.

2. A Green, Clean Energy Source

Solar power does not cause pollution, nor does it produce greenhouse gases. When you use solar energy your carbon footprint is reduced. Solar power systems do not require any resources that might generate pollution either.

Solar power first got attention because it offered clean, green energy. Through the years solar energy systems have improved, but its cleanliness and eco-friendly design have remained constant. You don’t have to be concerned about pollution when you use it.

3. Job Opportunities

The rapid growth of the solar power industry means increased job opportunities for more people. The higher the demand for solar, the more companies will provide. This in turn means more employment opportunities for people.

What’s even better is they will be working to provide clean, sustainable energy. Already there are countries that prioritize solar energy development as it can provide people a decent means of livelihood.

4. Reduced Power Blackouts

One of the biggest frustrations with electrical power plants is the power outage. If there’s a storm, natural disaster or just a malfunction in the system, expect a brownout or worse a blackout.

One of the advantages of solar power is it acts an independent energy plant. If you install a solar system, you won’t be as vulnerable to blackouts like those who are on the grid.

Power security is an important feature of solar power, and as they become more common in the future, the less we have to worry about blackouts and brownouts. Blackouts and brownouts are notorious for damaging appliances, so that’s another thing you don’t have to worry about.

5. More Efficient Power

Before electricity reaches your home, it is moved from a power plant to various interconnected networks. This is a long, complicated process that results in power losses. It is ineffective and the generation losses are transferred to you, the consumer. That is one of the reasons why electricity bills are so high.

Solar panels get rid of all that. These panels draw energy directly from the sun for use in your home. You have complete control over the process. You control how much energy goes into your home or RV and how much you consume. And as mentioned earlier, there are no monthly bills to pay.

6. Solar Makes Good Use of Land

All over the US and other countries, there are large, unused lands going to waste. They are far from cities so there are no settlements. These lands can be used as solar farms to power homes, commercial and industrial complexes. The UK has already done this with a 45 acre solar farm that power thousands of homes.

In the future, expect more solar farms to be developed. More lands will be put to good use, powering more homes with clean, renewable energy. Compare that with traditional energy sources that use valuable real estate just to provide power.

Unlike solar, these have to be placed near commercial and residential homes to be effective. With solar, any location is acceptable as long as there is sunlight.

7. Solar Power Means Energy Independence

Fossil fuels power electricity but they have a lot of problems, not least of which is the cost. Gas and coal are finite and their prices are vulnerable to market volatility. That’s why monthly power bills fluctuate so much. Aside from volatile energy prices, coal and gas generate pollution.

If you install a solar power system in your home or RV, you are no longer dependent on fossil fuels. Energy prices can swing all they want and it won’t affect you. The Sun will be be there for billions of years to come, but you never have to concerned about price hike.

8. No Production Costs

Solar power has zero production and zero maintenance cost. The only thing you have to pay for is the solar system – the panels, inverter, and battery – and that’s it. Set the whole thing up and you don’t have to worry about it. There are no maintenance fees or regular checkups you have to do.

Compare that with electricity, which rely on complex power plants that require constant maintenance and upkeep. These power plants are expensive and require a lot of workers to maintain them. They are made of numerous delicate components and if a single one breaks, could affect the entire system and trigger a blackout.

9. Solid Investment Returns

The cost of solar power systems continue to drop, providing even more solid returns for your investment. A complete solar power setup for home costs just a few thousand dollars now, and portable solar panels for RV are even cheaper.

Whatever you pay for the system, you get a solid return on investment. Solar power pays off the moment you start using it. All the components are designed to last for decades so right there you can see the ROI. Also, you can’t put a price tag on living free from the energy grid.

10. Efficient Energy Distribution

Solar energy is more efficient than electricity because each solar power system in independent. There is no central hub so your power supply won’t get affected if other solar power stations get damaged. With electricity everything is connected to the grid, so if something happens to one component, yours will be affected.

The inherent flaw in this design affects distribution throughout the system. With a solar power station you don’t have to concern yourself with other systems. As long as yours is working you receive power and your appliances run.

11. Easy Installation

Solar systems are easy to set up. For RVs and campers, portable solar panels are available that can be installed by one or two individuals. Even residential solar systems have become simpler to install. All you really need to is place the solar panels on the roof, connect cables to the battery and turn on the inverter.

Flexible solar panels can be folded like a blanket, allowing you to install them on uneven surfaces. Batteries and inverters come in all shapes and sizes so you can choose the right one for your setup. There is also a growing community of solar power users online that you can turn to for advice.

12. Easy to Increase Power

Solar power systems are modular by design. Suppose you installed a 100 watt solar panel on your RV because that was what you needed. A year later your power requirements grew. All you have to do is buy another solar panel and connect it to your existing solar panel.

Want a solar power station for your home? There are 4000 W units available. Want a solar charger for your phone while backpacking? There are handheld solar chargers you can buy for cheap. Want some for your next trip? Buy a solar power kit or portable solar generator. You can even make a solar charger easily.

The example above applies to residential solar systems as well. It doesn’t matter what solar panel size you buy because you can expand it later.

As solar systems become more common, people will have full control over their power supply and demand. There is no such flexibility with power plants.

13. Versatile

As pointed out earlier, solar power systems can be installed in unused land. The fact is you can install solar systems anywhere, even remote areas. As long as there is land and sunlight can reach it, the system can provide power.

You can’t do that with electrical distribution lines. Installing them in unused, remote lands make operation difficult and expensive. With a solar system the cost is lower and needs little to no maintenance.

The ability of solar panels to adapt to different conditions and situations makes them attractive for long term use.

14. Energy Production Meets Peak Demand

The highest demand for power is from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. That also happens to be the time when solar panels generate the most energy. With solar stations, the system produces the most power during the time it is needed the most.

With power plants, increased energy demand leads to higher cost. The more you consume the more you pay, hence the fluctuating prices. As solar energy becomes commonplace, expect power prices to go down as people become more energy independent.

15. Durable

Power plants are delicate, complicated machines prone to breakdowns. They are high maintenance and expensive,. Solar systems are the opposite: they are inexpensive in the long run and durable. Most solar power systems have warranties that last at least 10 years or higher.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because solar panels are meant for outdoor use. They can handle extreme weather conditions with minimal maintenance.

Whether it’s a house, RV or boat, you don’t have to worry about short circuiting. Sometimes the panels could use a bit of cleaning, but a good rain is often enough to remove dirt and debris.

16. Positive Economic Impact

The economic impact of increasing solar power use cannot be overstated. Let’s go back to what it means for a homeowner. You only pay for the system, but that is quickly recouped with and end to recurring power charges.

Multiply that with millions of homes across the US and more around the world and the savings will be tremendous.

For governments, this translates into huge savings as agencies will no longer have to set aside budgets for energy use. Increasing solar power demand means more jobs for people.

Because solar power systems do not produce pollution, it helps in the global effort to curb greenhouse gases. The billions of dollars governments spend on battling pollution can be used elsewhere.

17. Available Worldwide

Another reason to bet on solar energy for the future is simple logic. The sun is available everywhere, and by developing solar power systems, the entire planet benefits.

As solar power becomes more efficient and prevalent, economic advances will follow as power is readily available. There is no way any company can limit access to the sun. Anyone who can buy a solar power kit will have free energy.

18. Increased Prosperity

Think of the thousands of dollars that you pay for energy bills. Multiply that amount by tens or hundreds or thousands of dollars for large businesses. You don’t have to pay any of that once you go solar. You can save or invest that money and let it grow. Multiply that for millions of people and it can literally change people’s lives.

19. Improved Health and Well Being

Power plant based electricity generates pollution. You may not notice it, but the electricity we use is responsible for polluting the planet and puts your health at risk.

Using solar energy is not just about saving bills, but it also goes a long way towards improving your well being and those around you. This is one of the reasons why solar power proponents continue to increase.

20. Solar Energy Will Not Run Out

The Sun has enough energy to last for another 6 billion years or so. In contrast, fossil fuels probably have just a few decades left before it is exhausted. Rather than wait for fossil fuel to run out, the world needs to look for an alternative source that is free, limitless, reliable and efficient. The sun meets all those prerequisites.


Any way you look at it, solar power is the way to go. There were a lot of doubts at first, but technological innovations have gone a long way towards making solar power systems more effective. With the world becoming more environment conscious and the risks of fossil fuels ever more apparent, expect the use of solar energy to only increase.