How Many Amps is a 600 Watt Solar Panel?

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A 600 watt solar system is often used in RVs. It is large enough to meet the needs of power users and is affordable now. But how many amps can this system produce? The answer depends on various factors.

A 600 watt 24V solar system produces about 25 amps an hour or 125-200 amps per day. Divide the voltage by the panel watts to get the amps, and multiply that by the number of sun hours available to get the amps per day.

How Many Batteries Do I Need For a 600 Watt Solar System?

You don’t need a battery to use a solar panel. But if you want to store the power the panels produce for later use, you have to get a battery or two. How many you will need depends on your usage requirements.

A 600 watt solar panel can charge a 125ah battery with 5 sun hours. With 8 sun hours the system can recharge a 180ah or 200ah battery.

Of course solar panel output depends on the weather and other factors. But assuming ideal conditions, those batteries can be recharged.

If you only need a 125ah or 150ah battery, a 600W solar system can get the job done. Even with just 5 hours it is enough. But what if you need more power? The following are some sample scenarios that show how many batteries you might need.

Sample Battery Requirement Scenarios

A 600 watt solar array can produce up to 3000 watts a day with 5 sun hours. If you consume 2000 watts and want to store the rest, you need a battery with a 1000 watt capacity.

The conversion formula is watts / volts = amps, so assuming you want a 12V battery:

12 volts / 1000 watts = 83 amps

You need an 83 amp capacity so a 100ah battery is the perfect choice. We recommend the Weize 100ah AGM Battery as it is good for solar systems, RVs and boat trolling motors.

If you prefer a lithium battery, the Battle Born LiFePO4 is going to suit you. it has long life cycle and is good for nearly a full discharge.

This assumes you use the solar panels to power your appliances and devices. In most cases the batteries are used to run appliances and the solar panels serve as chargers.

If you consume 100ah a day you will need 5 sun hours to recharge with a 600W system. The greater your power needs the more sun hours it will take to charge them.

You can enlarge the array to generate more power, but space could be an issue for RVs with limited roof real estate.

You might also consider adding another battery. You get an extra power source to run your devices while the others are being recharged. Most RVs however, rely on shore power to meet their other energy requirements.

What Can You Run on a 600 Watt Solar Panel?

What a 600W solar system can run depends on how much power it can generate. This is determined by numerous factors such as the charge controller size ,the weather, location and panel rating efficiency.

Assuming there are 5 peak sun hours with a 21% efficiency rating and an MPPT charge controller, the system will generate 3000 watts. That is enough for:

  • A 3000 watt inverter to run any AC appliance under 3000 watts
  • LED lights
  • Water heater
  • Energy efficient fridge
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Charge several mobile devices

Basically you can run any appliance that uses less than 3000 watts. You cannot run all these simultaneously but few of us ever do.

Also keep in mind that some appliances have variable usage. A coffee maker is 1500W an hour but you probably only run it a few minutes each morning.

The same can be said for microwaves, blenders and toasters so there is plenty of power left. A fridge might need 2000 watts to start but only use 200 watts as it runs.

You can also use this solar system as reserve power. Most RVs run appliances on batteries, but you can depend on this solar panel system in an emergency. These possibilities will also depend on how many amps your inverter can handle.

The scenarios above are based on the assumption there are clear skies with at least 5 sun hours. With 8 hours of sun the output can reach 4800 watts.

Is a 600 Watt Solar Panel For You?

A 600 watt solar system is ideal in certain cases. Let us look at some scenarios where this solar system might be fit.

A 600 watt solar system is for you if:

  • You have a large camper.
  • You live in your RV or spend lots of time in it.

600 watts is enough for four people living in an RV. Energy usage varies from person to person. But assuming you monitor the battery and take steps to save RV solar power , this set up will work.

If you are going to install a 600 watt solar system, remember the following.

There is no single 600 watt solar panel. You have to connect two 300 watt solar panels to produce 600 watts. You can also go with 6 x 100W or 3 x 200W , but 300W saves the most space.

Second, this solar system should be used to charge the battery bank. It is more efficient to run power loads on the battery than the solar panels because it won’t be affected by the weather.

Determine how many batteries you will need. We have a guide to help you with that. Next, check how many sun hours are available in your location.

How Long Can a 600 Watt Solar System Run?

A solar panel will keep producing current as long as there is solar energy to convert. The real question however, is how long can the system run the load you need. There is no single answer because solar output depends on several elements.

As stated earlier a 600 watt solar system can produce 25 amps an hour in ideal conditions. That is good for 3000 watts / 125 amps with 5 sun hours or 4800 watts / 200 amps with 8 sun hours.

But during cloudy days that number can drop to 20 amps or even lower at winter. Contrary to popular belief, solar panels can still run during winter. But the output drops significantly for obvious reasons. You have to consider that if you are going to depend on a solar system for your RV power needs.

What about Charge Controllers and Inverters?

A 24V 600W solar system needs a 30A charge controller and a 3000W inverter. However there are some points to consider before you buy.

A 30A controller is the minimum size. You can’t go wrong by opting for a 60A unit. You can also connect two charge controllers in case you decide to expand the array.

A 3000 watt inverter is also the minimum requirement. You might want to go for a 3500W unit to make up for inverter inefficiency but that’s about it. No need to buy a 4000W system if you don’t consume that much power.

But if you do consume 4000 watts, get a large inverter and the appropriate battery bank. An inverter draws power from the battery, not the solar panel. A 350ah battery bank can supply 4000 watts to your inverter and generate all the power you need.

Tips For Using a 600W Solar System

  • Get two 300 watt solar panels. They take up less space than 100W and 200W PV modules.
  • Use the proper connectors and wires. This will be indicated in the user manual.
  • Use short thick wires. Keep the cable as short as possible. This should be the case for all the wiring for the solar panels, batteries, charge controller and inverter.

Buy a solar panel kit if you want an all in one solution. You get everything you need except the batteries and inverter. in fact some kits even come with the inverter. The drawback is you are stuck with the specs offered. But if the features suit you, a kit is the ideal solution.

Lastly, always make sure there is reserve power available. Just in case of an emergency you should always have more solar panels or battery power ready. Do this and you will never run out of power even during cloudy days.


The growing popularity of 600 watt solar panels is testament to their versatility. If you want to use one, make sure to get one with a high efficiency rating and a good warranty.